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New. And angry.

So a guy is pissing me off like woah. So I wrote the "Seventy times Seven" song by brand new to him.. and that wasn't the best plan. For those of you who haven't heard the song, it consists of wishing the person will forget their seatbelt, drive drunk, and go through the windshield. It will not be forgotten. Recently, he's been putting ridiculous "getting back at Lauren" things in his profile such as "I always wear my seatbelt" and he's recently succumbed to the talking shit business by saying I'm a conceited whore to a mutual friend. Needless to say, this conversation ended up in our mutual friend's profile so I put in mine "If you must talk shit, please get your facts straight. Stuck up bitch, yes. Conceited whore, not quite. And for the record, it cannot be caught, it comes from being constantly bothered by boys who can't get enough of themselves" and I would like to go to his house and shoot everything including him. I won't. But he should leave it alone of he's going to get screamed at. I've already thrown and broken things. I'm an angry girl. Okay sorry, just had to rant. He should d.i.e.
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