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ill shoot your guts out!

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[24 Feb 2006|05:41pm]
i know this might be a little desperate and scary.....but umm.....if anyone can give me a gun, i will give you everything i have. i have almost $5000 in my bank account.....i live in PHiladelphia. if anyone can help me, i swear it will be worth it. IM me on bornconfuzed87 if ure interested


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IM NEW [14 Nov 2004|05:41pm]

[ mood | weird ]

so im new to this community, my names jessica and i live in forida and fuckin hate it, im so bored and i hope this is a good community

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just joined [18 Aug 2004|11:08pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

heyy guys! my names carly.. i just joined here b/c i couldnt really talk to my friends about my problems.. a little bit about myself..
i started cutting when i was 13.. i was depressed about everything.. cutting helped it.. although i stopped a few months ago, ive felt lately like i have to.. im feeling so depressed again now that school is starting up..
well thats all i have for now.. if anyone wants to talk 2 me add me.. xocarbabi..


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[18 Aug 2004|11:03pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Heyy.. i just joined this thing-
i dont really have anything to say right now..
today was a pretty good day- hung out with two of my best friends which always makes me happy..
thats about it for now
if anyone feels like talkin- add me or somethingg

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These bayonet scars never seize, to blind the light shed from the beast, and all we do is hate.. [05 Mar 2004|08:12pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I just joined this thing because I was getting bored with my own journal and no one seemed to read it. So my name's Laura, I live in NC and I'll be 15 in 4 days. I'm so bored right now and this week has been fucking hell. I'll post later I guess..

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[16 Dec 2003|11:15pm]


please join!

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been a long time [11 Dec 2003|11:48pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

i'm the most fucking ridiculous person...ever?

i get so pissed off over the stupidest shit... over B's in spanish... over my brother laughing at me... over the teacher not getting my grades back on time.

well... um... i'm not sure why but some how i ended kicking my brother's door last night and now it's broken.

...and i wacked my hand on the wall and punched the wall (which hurt even more) because i got pissed at it for being in my way.

i'm snapping. it's aweful... this girl i'm friends with has been persistantly giving me notes and i have really busy classes and she can't comprehend that and she walked up to me and my boyfriend when for ONCE we were talking, and asked me to write her back and to call her and to listen to her bitch about the same problem that she thinks her boyfriends cheating on her over and over and over and well... i almost punched her in the face i swear to god.

i said i was the most fucking ridiculous person ever, didn't i?

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[18 Nov 2003|11:04pm]

omg there are some really stupid people on live journal that i want to kill.
not n e of you tho.<3

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why?!?!?! [23 Oct 2003|02:26am]
i dont understand why you thought it was the answer. what can 8 vicodin and a bottle of vodka provide you? NOTHING all that comes from this is pain. i fucking hate that you thought no one was there for you. i hate that you told me you loved me in the note. i hate that you said you will miss me. i hate that you were so damn selfish that you didnt think about your mom's surgery or your dads cancer. i fucking hate you right now.

but i think i hate myself more for not seeing it. for not knowing you were hurting. i fucking hate it all. i wish you were here.

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[09 Oct 2003|03:29pm]

George Bush's "Marriage Protection Week" is BULLSHIT.

Get this; it falls on Mathew Sheperd's Birthday and National Coming-Out Day.

Yeeeaaahh; Mr. Prez sure isn't a homophobe... mmmhhmmmmm

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[17 Sep 2003|09:24pm]





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i don't understand... [10 Sep 2003|09:49pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Soo..I **Strongly Dislike** people who don't appreciate music. I mean...am I the only one who doesn't completely understand peoples' hate for music? I know we all have our own things, but...music...I thought that's something we all had.


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[09 Sep 2003|09:16pm]

fuck you for everything you did to me.
how happy you made me
how sad you made me
how proud i was to have met you.
i've never been as sad about any random person i've met other than you.
i'll never be as sad as i am about you.
i don't understand what i did.
i don't understand you.
i don't understand what happened.
i want you to die.

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New. And angry. [09 Sep 2003|07:17pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

So a guy is pissing me off like woah. So I wrote the "Seventy times Seven" song by brand new to him.. and that wasn't the best plan. For those of you who haven't heard the song, it consists of wishing the person will forget their seatbelt, drive drunk, and go through the windshield. It will not be forgotten. Recently, he's been putting ridiculous "getting back at Lauren" things in his profile such as "I always wear my seatbelt" and he's recently succumbed to the talking shit business by saying I'm a conceited whore to a mutual friend. Needless to say, this conversation ended up in our mutual friend's profile so I put in mine "If you must talk shit, please get your facts straight. Stuck up bitch, yes. Conceited whore, not quite. And for the record, it cannot be caught, it comes from being constantly bothered by boys who can't get enough of themselves" and I would like to go to his house and shoot everything including him. I won't. But he should leave it alone of he's going to get screamed at. I've already thrown and broken things. I'm an angry girl. Okay sorry, just had to rant. He should d.i.e.

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good intentions [05 Sep 2003|11:49pm]

shot dead in the head by Jed in his bed for good head full of lead i am now red supposed to be wed that's what he said before he fled raped and bled what now, i'm dead

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my so called vacation [05 Sep 2003|10:56pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

so i went down south to visit family and friends. i hung with these kids i grew up with but haven't seen in a really long time. i thought they were cool and had a good time last time we hung out last year, but that was the first time in years. being that i like to get fucked up, i brought supplies with me. i'm not sure what is acceptable here, so i will leave out details. i offered fun and love to these people. unknowingly (only to me) my wonderful candy was replaced with an awful nasty, spine wrecking, head thumping, paranoia inducing, bathtub made substance. so i ate it thinking it was my candy, but it was not and these people fucked with my head for 4 hours. so they stole from me and completely destroyed my faith and trust in humankind. this has seriously broken my spirit. what the fuck is wrong with people? being that these kids lost a young close family member just like me, i thought that would put us at least one same level. i don't get it. but i do now give up. i'm way too tired to keep trying to take care of people. all i wanted was to have fun with these kids. i like to have fun. oh well. if anyone understands this and can comment please do. i'd like to know if i was just naive or if these people are really just disgusting. one more thing--i am extremely pissed that i did not get what i bargained for and now have that urge to get and feel it. nowwww!!

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Ok, I know this is fucking lame to be writing about this but.... [25 Aug 2003|08:37pm]

[ mood | blah ]

The word INDEED is soo fucking annoying! I know its just a fucking word but people kill it! They try to put it in every other sentence they say. Its so lame! Im not saying if you use it, your lame...But if you use it all the time, you suck! well just kidding, this is just my opinion...but yeah, im tired of that word. ok, enough said. sorry if i sound lame and shit....BYE

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[17 Aug 2003|09:59pm]

i will eat your eyes.

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can my body bag be pink, please? [17 Aug 2003|08:22pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]


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Turn tables in my eyes.. [13 Aug 2003|02:19pm]

Ok this is it... Haven't wrote in a while. I told you this bitch would be back.

  • I Hate friends [ i.e.- Tina, Kasie, Sam, Pais, ect. ] Ohhh Wait.. they're not realy my friends are they? I HATE PPL WHO ACT NICE 2 U BUT TRUELY DONT GIVE A FUCKNG SHIT ABOUT U

  • I Hate school's that give u fucking free planners.

  • I Hate ppl who play Diablo. Otherwise known as "Gayablo"

  • I Hate soap operas.

  • I Hate Micheal Jackson.

  • I Hate "It's a Small World After all."

  • I Hate VW Beetles w/the fucking flower pot built into the dashboard... Who wants a fucking flowerpot on their damn dash?!? PEOPLE I HATE!

  • I Hate WW. But maybe im just a hypocrite.

  • I Hate stupid fucking movies. [ i.e.- Jeepers Creepers, ohh fuck, Im wasting my time. ]

  • I Hate WASTING MY TIME.......

    Im out.... But I <3 you all! hahah so go screw urself... PEACE
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    [11 Aug 2003|07:42pm]

    I hate the fact ASSHOLE Mr. Lyle changed the lunch to B Lunch on account of his personal schedule.

    Yeah... and Bobby's puking.


    Just Grrr.

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    [09 Aug 2003|06:11pm]

    [ mood | bitchy ]

    I hate my dad!!!<---that would be in caps but I don't want to be that annoying.

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    [06 Aug 2003|05:52pm]

    [ mood | angry ]

    i hate when people blow me off...
    i hate when people blow me off so they can hang with someone cooler...
    i hate when i clean my room just so i can go out...and o wait, change of plans...theres no going out...
    i hate when people are oh-so vague with me...
    i hate this dreaded feeling i'm getting from having to start yet, another year in an unfortunate hell (high school)...
    i hate when my mum wants to take my fave smiths cd with her to work...

    that felt good, thank you.

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    yeah, i'm fucking pissed [05 Aug 2003|11:49pm]

    [ mood | crappy ]

    this is my first post, so you assholes get to hear it all. i am extremely goddamn fucking pissed that my brother is dead. i am pissed that my doctor will not give me anymore vicodin and that i only got 12 xanax. i am pissed that this town is so small and so expensive that i can't find a good job and i can't afford anything. i am pissed that i can't drink as much anymore because it hurts too bad. and i am pissed that the nice guy that i met is too nice and i'm too old for this shit. that's it. pictures coming soon. thanks. have a cheery day.

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    [05 Aug 2003|12:06am]

    [ mood | IN PAIN!! ]

    Anyone else ever tasted cheek-chunk?
    I'm about to... goddddammmit.

    Fuck teeth.

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    [02 Aug 2003|08:41pm]

    she farted on me.

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    GRRRRR... [03 Aug 2003|01:33pm]

    [ mood | angry ]

    Jesus! CRAP! I HATE guys! How come they can piss you off soooo bad, but when you get attitude backtoward them they get offensive & take it out on you. Like it's your damn fucking fault? I will not apologize to Brian..... NOOOOO! FUCK YOU! SCREW YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

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    grrrr [02 Aug 2003|12:05am]

    [ mood | aggravated ]

    i hate this stupid 800x600 screen

    I hate big dogs that bark loud and make your house smell and make the floors dirty.

    [my aunts dog was with us for 2 1/2 days and it looks like we havent cleaned the floor in 3 weeks]

    I am the Anti-Tampon!

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    cool [02 Aug 2003|02:35am]

    im in a community.. rock on
    im a single loser who everyone hates
    Heart You All..
    My Hopes Are So High Your Kiss Might Just Kill Me

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    [31 Jul 2003|08:12pm]

    [ mood | envious ]

    I hate people more than anything.
    I'm hating myself a lot lately, that's not cool 'cause if you hate people there's isolation. If you hate yourself...you're screwed.

    hater daze.

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    [30 Jul 2003|01:01am]

    Hi, I just joined this community. I hate a lot of things...but right now the thing that I hate the most is GUYS ON THEIR PERIOD!!! Not literately, but guys who have mood swings or are bitches! Ill stab them one time, ill eat their heart out...so they feel MY pain.
    Anyone wanna talk? IM on ripxmyxhearx0ut

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    [30 Jul 2003|12:09am]

    [ mood | aggravated ]

    I hate Florida
    I hate Avril
    I hate the Bush's.

    I hate conservatives
    I hate homophobes
    I hate super racists

    Hates new skool rap about "b-tches" and "bling" and "cars" and "hoes"

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    FUCK YOU! [30 Jul 2003|09:38pm]

    [ mood | bitchy ]

    Westwood fucking sucks. For all of you that go there, I feel your damn fucking pain. But too bad 4 u. I HATE most of the people there! That's right! HATE you! The hoes--- I hate the hoes.. [ i.e. English, Julia, Joey, Stacey, ect. ] Poor people. ROT IN FUCKING HELL....

    while im at VBHS.....

    Tiffani <3

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    sam's a trendy fuck. [29 Jul 2003|08:43pm]

    [ mood | bitchy ]

    I HATE DOCTORS!...grr.

    I heart Senses Fail :)...

    but...Grrrr. I HATE DOCTORS!!!

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    So here we go. [29 Jul 2003|09:09am]

    This community is just getting up and running... So far, 4 people have joined us here at IllStabYou1Time.

    Well, to everyone who reads this, if you have any good feelings [like, you'd join it...] please advertise for us!

    ::sticks dynamite in your ass::
    Does that give you any initiative?

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    I want to kill you! Now I'm INSANE [28 Jul 2003|01:09am]

    [ mood | bitchy ]

    goddamnit i want to run this girl ROBERTA over with a lawn mower!!

    that is my bloody, bloody fantasy!

    lawn mower!

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    .... [28 Jul 2003|12:35am]

    [ mood | bitchy ]

    fuck you!

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