T-bizzle Atteo <333 (xbr0kenrec0rdx) wrote in illstabyou1time,
T-bizzle Atteo <333

Turn tables in my eyes..

Ok this is it... Haven't wrote in a while. I told you this bitch would be back.

  • I Hate friends [ i.e.- Tina, Kasie, Sam, Pais, ect. ] Ohhh Wait.. they're not realy my friends are they? I HATE PPL WHO ACT NICE 2 U BUT TRUELY DONT GIVE A FUCKNG SHIT ABOUT U

  • I Hate school's that give u fucking free planners.

  • I Hate ppl who play Diablo. Otherwise known as "Gayablo"

  • I Hate soap operas.

  • I Hate Micheal Jackson.

  • I Hate "It's a Small World After all."

  • I Hate VW Beetles w/the fucking flower pot built into the dashboard... Who wants a fucking flowerpot on their damn dash?!? PEOPLE I HATE!

  • I Hate WW. But maybe im just a hypocrite.

  • I Hate stupid fucking movies. [ i.e.- Jeepers Creepers, ohh fuck, Im wasting my time. ]

  • I Hate WASTING MY TIME.......

    Im out.... But I <3 you all! hahah so go screw urself... PEACE
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