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my so called vacation

so i went down south to visit family and friends. i hung with these kids i grew up with but haven't seen in a really long time. i thought they were cool and had a good time last time we hung out last year, but that was the first time in years. being that i like to get fucked up, i brought supplies with me. i'm not sure what is acceptable here, so i will leave out details. i offered fun and love to these people. unknowingly (only to me) my wonderful candy was replaced with an awful nasty, spine wrecking, head thumping, paranoia inducing, bathtub made substance. so i ate it thinking it was my candy, but it was not and these people fucked with my head for 4 hours. so they stole from me and completely destroyed my faith and trust in humankind. this has seriously broken my spirit. what the fuck is wrong with people? being that these kids lost a young close family member just like me, i thought that would put us at least one same level. i don't get it. but i do now give up. i'm way too tired to keep trying to take care of people. all i wanted was to have fun with these kids. i like to have fun. oh well. if anyone understands this and can comment please do. i'd like to know if i was just naive or if these people are really just disgusting. one more thing--i am extremely pissed that i did not get what i bargained for and now have that urge to get and feel it. nowwww!!
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