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been a long time

i'm the most fucking ridiculous person...ever?

i get so pissed off over the stupidest shit... over B's in spanish... over my brother laughing at me... over the teacher not getting my grades back on time.

well... um... i'm not sure why but some how i ended kicking my brother's door last night and now it's broken.

...and i wacked my hand on the wall and punched the wall (which hurt even more) because i got pissed at it for being in my way.

i'm snapping. it's aweful... this girl i'm friends with has been persistantly giving me notes and i have really busy classes and she can't comprehend that and she walked up to me and my boyfriend when for ONCE we were talking, and asked me to write her back and to call her and to listen to her bitch about the same problem that she thinks her boyfriends cheating on her over and over and over and well... i almost punched her in the face i swear to god.

i said i was the most fucking ridiculous person ever, didn't i?
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